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I never really know how to just dive in and begin talking about myself. Should I begin at birth? Ok, ok I will not go that far back...

I'll Just Begin with third party talk and tell you... Who's behind it all. Wait before I do, I am a fanatic for planning and mapping operations.

Did you download my outsourcing planner with templates? NO?

Ok, not to worry it's right here...



Alright, Who's Behind It All

It's Me! Tequila, and here's my story...

My online world started over 10+ years ago while still working in Corporate America. It wasn't until I met my husband and we started our family that I decided to bite the bullet and go all in online.

Let's be honest here, it wasn't always peaches and cream. At the same time, I had my hands full with two little ones who had just entered their elementary school years in another country.

Now just in case you didn't know, I'm a former Corporate Executive Chica so I am used to working and putting in the time. However, this go-round I wanted to earn my income a little differently. 

I simply wanted to earn from home, impress my kids, help my guy (hubby), and use the money for our desire to travel. 

Whoah I have to say earning money online is NOT like it use to be...

A strategy today is definitely needed but it's so much simplier than before.

Stand Out Be You
Business Owner Systems

 Through my trials of putting myself out there, I finally cracked the code and we have been able to take care of so my areas of our life financially putting us way ahead of our retirement goals.

Through my successes over the first few years, I often thought of how those with little to no experience entering the online world may feel and so decided to focus on helping these individuals. 

It's why my "Best Life" Planner which focuses on planning your "Lifestyle Business" Model is still downloaded today after launching it over 5 years ago online. You can access it below if you don't already have it.


What Am I Doing Today?

Today I have shifted many of my operational workforce talents and I am now helping to introduce business beginners to the online world but most times you can find me behind the scenes within small businesses owners' operations. 

My Profit Your Skills program helps individuals do just as I have done, shift their workforce skills so they can generate additional income. 

I have a nack for mapping and planning operational systems. With my past experience coupled with my present skills I am on a mission to help others shift their skills particularly online. That's if they want. 

I created The Profit Your Skills program because I saw SO MANY individuals starting out online because they wanted to simply earn extra money. The same as I did, however, they were running themselves ragged following the SAME advice from all the many gurus I was when I first entered the virtual world. 

With all this in mind, It's why I also founded Standout BeYOU podcast to help individuals master the strategies and skills needed to create a solid business foundation whether it be online or off-line in order to generate additional income for their households and master it all by listening to like-minded invidiuals. 

SHHH: It was also my way of telling my children about my history transitioning from a corporate woman to mom and then an online business owner. I want them to know how they too can do and be anything they want. You can take a listen to my podcast, hear the stories of business owners like you and SUBSCRIBE.

You are invited to join the StandOut be You Society, where hundreds have joined to connect in this virutal world it's lead by me your host. If you are looking to create part time or full time income, the only thing we ask is you just be YOU.  

I love to help bring out the genius in others by showing newbies and even the novice entering the internet world how to find their position so they can share their talents with the world. 

The economy as we know is changing and so is the way people do business. Many are taking their personal economy into their own hands living life on their own terms. 

When I'm not handling operations for my clients, I'm helping others socialize and take action on their ideas.  

My motto: Your have a genius inside you and your family and the world are waiting for YOU to release your inner brillance. 

Happy Clients, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

Socially Stand Out

Tequila, not only will help your business but will take you out of your comfort zone to take you to the next level in business and life.

Ria (Fitness Entrepreneur)

Business Owner Systems

Tequila knows how to take on the full operations of projects and make sure they happen. The re-polish of my site and how my story was captured was never done until she took over.

Mehdi (Author & Entrepreneur)

Socially Stand Out

Tequila knows how to take on the full operations of getting you started online. She established an online presence for my business and optimized it. From websites, to social media she took care of it all.

Michelle (Author/ Business Owner)

Karen Laos

"I'm better at recognizing the value of automation. I used to email manually for a time to meet and it feels so much more efficient this way.

I'm also so grateful for the Trello board organization and all that you did to compile everything and organize it.

Your identifying the operational gaps was priceless.

Karen (Leadership Consultant & Coach)


Tequila is the backbone of my business...

Tequila has been so much in my business. She has taken all the aspects of my business to the next level. She exceeds in business operations and provides project & hiring services better than I ever expected.

Ben O, Digital Agency Owner


I would highly recommend Tequila as your coach

Where do I even begin? Tequila is one incredible lady! Besides having a heart of gold, she is a wonderful coach. Tequila truly listens and has so much experience that she WILL help you get to where you need to be. Tequila helped me and so many people I know around me.

Suzanne S.


My first month with Tequila we increase revenue or as she says profits...

Within weeks Tequila helped me focus my financial, hire my team, increase my revenue and re-energize my business vision.

Jarvis L., Entrepreneur & Productivity Coach

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Amazing advice.

Tequila is my social media consultant. Since I don't have a store, Facebook is my main source of marketing. I am very impressed with her professionalism and the quality of her work. I was able to secure new customers within days of hiring her to work on my Facebook page. I am recommending her services to people I know.

Jennifer Berry

More Happy People & Social Proof!

Business Owner Systems
Business Owner Systems
Business Owner Systems
Business Owner Systems
Business Owner Systems
Business Owner Systems

Let's Get What You Need Done...DONE!

First, I Listen.

We start with an honest chat and review of your current operations and systems so you can create a strategic approach to optimizing your business.

We'll highlight the main operational areas where you are losing time and how we can implement one operating system in order to grow your business.

Then we'll evaluate what works best for you and define improvement opportunities.

Next, We Learn Together

Observe your processes and procedures to learn how to best position YOU! We will focus on what we can take off your plate in order to get you in a more visionary position.

Lastly, We Lead & Grow.

What you learn about your operations sets the foundation for ideas and growth.

We'll build upon the research to create an effective strategy that allows you to scale & focus on money-generating activities where you can lead your customers on an experience that improves their overall situation.

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Business Owner Systems

Need To Know More About Me? Let's Recap...

For more than 15 years, business owners from around the globe have connected with me to help them reach their desired business goals. As a 100% virtual hub, my online classes, 1-on-1 business sessions, and hands-on management are accessible, affordable, and—to be honest—more convenient than jam on bread (your team and you can finally have the ongoing support you need!).


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been what some would label a business junkie. I’ve completed a variety of business certifications, have a MBA, run in a number of business circles, and even snagged a few plaques of recognition. From a professional standpoint, I earned a master’s degree in business and I have worked along the side of many business owners from all around the world in different industries.

About the business

In 2010 I decided to set out on a new adventure—build my own virtual busines from the virtual ground up—and I’m happy to report that Business Owner Systems & Socially Stand Out are alive and thriving.

About my work

Connecting with me, you'll go from overwhelm in your business to feeling less stressed and more balanced to saying “I’ve created a business I absolutely love!” in weeks. Whether you're starting a side business or you have been running a business for years, we're going to take a journey together to get you to your destination.
This is the space to receive honest, proven, actionable insights & strategies from my life in operations + entrepreneurship over the last 15+ years.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your business goals!

Are you ready for a fully operational business transformation so you can stop being an employee and instead stand tall in your business as a business owner?

Business Owner Systems … simple operations that move the needle.

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