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What Is BOS Content Curator?

BOS Content Curator is our content writing service that focuses on long-form, optimized, and researched content for your blog.

Blogs, especially long-form, are one of Google’s primary ranking factors. Sites with active blogs get more visitors, more indexed pages, and backlinks that lead to an increased online presence.

But here lies the problem writing blogs can be a lot of work, and optimization can add even more work so we’ve created a system to write great optimized blog content for you.

You no longer have to do keyword research, go through the editing process to keep your blog up to date and running, come up with topics or write it.

Just give us a few details about your business, and we’ll create unique, valuable content for you at whatever scale you need.


Implement BOS Content Curator to optimize your online presence and attract your targeted audience.

Professional Written Articles

Highly - related expert written articles to add to your blog monthly.

Keyword Optimized Content

We use keyword related research and Optimization best practices to produce blogs that drive traffic.

Auto Publishing & Formatting

We publish and format your written article by adding the correct HTML blog formatting.

Vetted Experienced Writers Trained In Keyword Search

BOS Content Curator eliminates the need to ever hire content writers again. We tap into our community pool of expert content writers with years of experience across different subject matters.

What is the online business system
What is content marketing examples

With BOS Content Curator, we will post it for you!

We don’t just write the content for you; we can also post the article directly to your blog for no additional fee!

Not only will we upload the post, but we’ll also format your blog post to make sure it looks good, and we’ll even add an optimized photo to it.

How BOS Content Curator Works.

Give us a few details about your business and any information you'd like us to know. We deep dive into looking at your current online presence and optimization.


Keyword Optimization

Our team will research keywords and topics specifically for your business and industry.


Opportunity & Research

Your competitors may be doing the same thing, but we’ll help you navigate the world of opportunity. There’s always room to improve, innovate and get in front of your target audience.


Plan, Create, & Write

We'll match you with an experienced writer to create a quality article. The content will also be optimized with proper internal links, external links, and more.


Content Approval & Execution

You get to approve or reject all articles before we start uploading and formatting. You can even leave suggestions if you're not completely sold on an article.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, we’ll continuously be your partner to make sure you continue to grow.

Here's What You Get...

Don't Miss Out On This Affordable Opportunity!

Total done-for-you content management and optimization, by a systems pro who knows exactly what business owners need for increasing their online presence.

  • Website content optimization and improvement, including increase consistency.
  • Monthly long-form content creation you can break up into additional content for other channels
  • Handpicked keyword-curated content that focuses on your audience and business.
  • Strategic promotion of your newest blog posts and best content, to get you the best results and a lot of new client leads
  • BONUS: 90-Day Content Map & Promotional Calendar worth ($350) with the content optimization package.
What is the online business system

Pricing & Packages

We know everyone's business journey has started from a different place and operate at different stages. Whether you’re an established business or you're just starting out, this monthly plan will work for you.

Content Creation

Professionally written long-forum 1000-word article. Afterward, repurpose this article to other content channels.

  • Keyword Related Articles
  • Limited Topic and Blog Revisions
  • Auto-Publishing & HTML Formatting
  • One Optimized Photo Graphic
  • SEO Optimization
  • Domain Authority Link Building
  • Quality BOS support

Content Optimized

Professionally written SEO-optimized blog content that can be repurposed on different platforms and will increase online awareness and traffic.

  • Keyword Related Articles
  • Limited Topic and Blog Revisions
  • Auto-Publishing & HTML Formatting
  • One Optimized Photo Graphic
  • SEO Optimization
  • Domain Authority Link Building
  • Quality BOS support


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Tequila, not only will help your business but will take you out of your comfort zone to take you to the next level in business and life.

Ria (Fitness Entrepreneur)

Socially Stand Out

She is the backbone of the operations. Tequila thinks of the parts of the business I sometimes miss and looks to take it to the next level. She's on top of operations and gets it done.

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"I'm better at recognizing the value of automation. I used to email manually for a time to save $$ and it feels so much more efficient using simple operations.

Your identifying the operational gaps was priceless.

Karen (Leadership Consultant & Coach)

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Tequila knows how to take on the full operations of getting you started online.

She established an online presence for my business and optimized it. From websites, to social media she took care of it all.

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Who's Behind It All?

I’m Tequila Dodard, your over-the-top strategizing Queen who loves working with passionate business owners like you! One of the best systems I’ve ever created for my clients is this exact one. Putting systems around your social media and content optimization.

As soon as I take social media and content strategy off an owner's plate, the business always takes a shift. Think: more traffic, more subscribers, more money

Since 2014, I’ve been using trial and error to develop foolproof strategic yet simple owner systems that bring YOU more leads and allow you to focus on the BIG picture.


I’ve helped TONS of clients harness the power of Business Owner Systems™ in order to think like a CEO — and you can be next!

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BOS Content Curator … simple operations, simple profits.

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