On average, business owners spend 147 minutes, or two hours and twenty-seven minutes, on social media daily.

Social Media Management for Business Owners

The Streamlined Social Package

A Strategic Method for Creating Social Media Content, Getting a Steady Stream of Traffic and Leads from Social Media (without you having to lift a finger!)


Your dream clients are all on social media waiting, but you don't have enough time to build solid relationships.

Our owner's content and social media approach is the marketing industry's best-kept secret. We take content creation, creating graphics, and posting off your hands so you can free up more time to build a stronger authority.

Does this sound familiar?

It's the end of day, and suddenly you realize you have not posted on your social accounts. You've been busy working with clients, taking care of business tasks, and working your next promotion that you failed to remember to connect with your audience.

So you rush to grab your cell phone, trying to come up with something new to post and you have nothing. Your brain is exhausted from the day.

There is a much easier way to manage your social media content and it doesn't involve your spending hours on end in creation mode.

What are the benefits of Social Media?

Many people think that social media is the place to capture clients and close sales when it's actually the complete opposite. Social media is meant to build awareness and authority. The problem is most owners are not consistent.

If you find yourself spending 30% of your planning time creating graphics, strategizing content for your post, commenting, etc, then you are not focused on the right owner tasks when it comes to social media.

Create consistency with your social content so you can create more conversational conversions in your business.

CEO Systems
CEO Systems
Social Media For Business Owners

Social Media For Business Owners

Let's be honest...

I already know you are feening for more clients... but deep down, you know taking the time to create graphics, posting, and random comments is not what will get you your dream clients. You need a strategic plan... creating social media marketing content doesn’t have to distract you anymore.

Here’s how it works:

  • We set up and optimize (brand & messaging).
  • Business Owner Systems will write, and design your social media posts for your small business.
  • You give final approval of all content created.
  • We will schedule, post all content and monitor your posts for organic growth, leads, engagement recommendations, etc.

Every Business Owner Knows...

They should be creating more content to remain relevant. The trouble is that it takes precious time and creative energy to create the captions, images, research the hashtags and post the content.

There is a better way to do gain authority and attract clients, and it involves strategic systems.

You want to free up your time to work on bigger projects, and you need someone reliable to take over.

Well…that’s why you have me! 

I’m Tequila Dodard, your over-the-top strategizing Queen who loves working with passionate business owners like you! One of the best systems I’ve ever created for my clients is this exact one. Putting systems around your social media and content optimization.

As soon as I take social media and content strategy off an owner's plate, the business always takes a shift. Think: more traffic, more subscribers, more money

Since 2014, I’ve been using trial and error to develop foolproof strategic yet simple owner systems that bring YOU more leads and allow you to focus on the BIG picture.


I’ve helped TONS of clients harness the power of Business Owner Systems™ in order to think like a CEO — and you can be next!

Hello Business Owner!!!

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Total done-for-you social media management and scheduling, by a systems pro who knows exactly what business owners need from their social media marketing.

  • Social media account optimization and improvement, including increase consistency.
  • Daily scheduling using our tested method of balanced content sharing
  • Handpicked curated content pinned for you daily, that doesn’t compete with your content
  • Strategic promotion of your newest blog posts and best content, to get you the best results and a lot of new client leads
  • Secret, non-sleazy organic growth tactics are applied throughout the month to increase your traffic and number of followers
  • BONUS: 90-Day Content Promotion Calendar worth ($300)

Don't Miss Out On This Affordable Opportunity!

Social Media For Business Owners


Numbers Don't Lie.

How much is it costing you?

It never ceases to amaze me how many business owners do not realize the responsibilities of different social media professionals, much less the difference in cost.

This is exactly why it's one of the tasks I remove from your BIG picture tasks so that you can focus on what really matters in your business.

Business Owners Systems' "Streamlined Content Package" will make you smile, and you will click your heels with the time and money you have saved.









Why should you post consistently on social media sites? Let's see what the social giants need to state regarding social networks advertising.

" Accounts that post weekly have 6x much more fans and expand 5x faster than accounts that just upload month-to-month."
" New as well as regular messages tell your target market that you're energetic, reputable and also respect them as clients. Old or ran out articles can imply your business isn't active or investing the time to drive service value."

Producing social media content does not have to distract you any longer.

Business Owner Systems will certainly create, layout and also schedule your social media content for your small business.

Every business owner knows they need social media and most realize they are not as consistent as they should be with creating content and posting. The problem is that it takes valuable time and also creative power to create the subtitles, images, study the hashtags and post the content.

If you're a business owner wanting to liberate your time to service your clients, wrap up bigger projects, get more of the right things done in your business then check out the "strategic content package" for business owners.

If you're a small business who is tired of trying to deal with your social media yourself, check out our owner social media content plans.

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